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Crow Lake Trail, Washington

This hiking and backpacking trail has a total elevation difference of 3,248 feet which is higher than average. Keep in mind that this is a long great outdoors hiking trail, so do pack enough food to last the whole trip. Different parts of Crow Lake Trail are at very different elevations, and that means that some parts of the hiking trail could be very different from other parts of it. Of course, this is an overnight walk, 3 days normally, so it's a tremendous thing if your backpack is big enough to do the job. This hiking and backpacking trail has only one trailhead, so in and out is the way to walk it normally. Crow Lake Trail is 21.2 miles long; it's a long hiking trail.

Total in and out hiking length = 21.2 miles

Total climbing distance = 8.5 miles

Difficulty : Difficult

Casual Hiking Pace: 3 days

Fast Hiking Pace: 2 days

Total elevation difference: 3248 feet
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