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Bogachiel-Hoh Trail, Washington

This backcountry hiking trail has a total elevation difference of 3,229 feet, and that is higher than average. This is a one trailhead backcountry hiking trail, so you'll be backcountry trekking it in and back out. Some parts of Bogachiel-Hoh Trail are much higher up than other parts of the hiking trail, so keep in mind that you may need to dress differently at different elevations. Bogachiel-Hoh Trail is 20.8 miles long; it's considered a longer walk. Of course, this is an overnight backcountry walk, 3 days normally, so make sure you've got all your overnight gear packed. This is a backcountry hiking trail that is quite long, so don't forget to pack enough supplies.

Total in and out hiking length = 20.8 miles

Total climbing distance = 9 miles

Difficulty : Difficult

Casual Hiking Pace: 3 days

Fast Hiking Pace: 2 days

Total elevation difference: 3229 feet
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