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Pine Crest Trail, Oregon


The Pine Crest Trail can no longer be reached. A friend and I tried to go there last weekend and we were disappointed to find that S. Mollala Forest Rd narrows and now effectively ends. Actually, it continues, but the road is impeded by a gate sporting many 'no trespassing' signs and marking it 'private property'. When we got to this point, we were just about to turn around and go home when another car drove past us onto the road. Having driven for several hours to get there, we dared to venture further, and followed the car despite the many warnings on the gate. Now, if you are reading this please heed my advice... never do what we did. Do not try to find this trail. Listen to signs. They are usually there for a reason. We could not locate the next road to turn on because all the old street signs had been removed and all of the old turn-offs warned away the unauthorized with huge boulders blocking the road, locked gates and more no-trespassing signs. After taking some pictures of beautifully dilapidated country houses, we decided to call it a day and return home empty handed. However, when we got to the gate we came in through, we found that while we were away, someone had closed and locked it. We were trapped, and not the least bit scared and surprised. Says James

Pine Crest Trail is a one trailhead hiking trail, so in and out is the way to hike it normally. This hiking trail has a total elevation difference of 783 feet, and that is lower than average. The time needed for this hike is roughly 8 hours, but of course some folks walk a bit slower and some a bit faster. Sometimes this hiking trail gets really dry, so do check for current fire restrictions before you go if you plan to bring a stove or make a camp fire. This is a long hiking trail, so make sure you bring plenty of supplies. There's not much difference in elevation along Pine Crest Trail, so you get pretty much the same conditions along the whole wilderness hiking trail. Pine Crest Trail is 8.6 miles long it's an average length wilderness hiking trail.

Total in and out hiking length = 8.6 miles

Total climbing distance = 3.9 miles

Difficulty : Difficult

Casual Hiking Pace: 8 hours

Fast Hiking Pace: 5 hours

Total elevation difference: 783 feet
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