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Illinois River Trail, Oregon

Hi, Is travel by horse welcome on this trail from Agness to Selmet and back to Agness? Says Ed Mihok

The Illinois River Trail has TWO trailheads. The eastern trailhead is near Selma, OR. This is the one indicated on the map. There is also a western trailhead located in Agness OR. This trailhead is located at the end of Oak Flat Road. The Forest Service maintains a primitive campground there. This trailhead is approximately 4 miles from a small grocery store. There is also a private campground located within a quarter mile of the western trailhead. This campground is the Illinois River Lodge RV Park. The article mentions Brookings as being the nearest city on the western end. Actualy Gold Beach is closer than Bandon. Agness Oregon is a small town located near the western trailhead. Agness is a great three season recreation area. Hiking, swimming, rafting, kayaking and fishing are the main attractions. Agness has three restaurants open spring thru fall. There is also a choice of variuos overnight accommodations. As far as the weather is concerned on the Illinois River trail, my understanding is it is hot and dry in the summer and rainy from early October thru April. Septmber- October and May-June may be the best times to hike this trail. Says Gary

This is a one trailhead great outdoors trail, so you'll be backcountry trekking it in and back out. The total elevation difference for this great outdoors trail is 3,879 feet which is higher than average. This backcountry trail goes through some very different elevations, so keep in mind that you may need to dress differently at different elevations. Now, this is roughly a 5-day trek, so make sure you've got all your overnight gear packed. Illinois River Trail is 33.2 miles long; it's a long backcountry trail. This is a wilderness trail that is quite long, so do pack enough food to last the whole trip. This wilderness trail sometimes gets very dry, so do check for current fire restrictions before you go if you plan to bring a stove or make a camp fire.

Total in and out hiking length = 33.2 miles

Total climbing distance = 15.4 miles

Difficulty : Difficult

Casual Hiking Pace: 5 days

Fast Hiking Pace: 3.5 days

Total elevation difference: 3879 feet
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