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Graham Trail, California

This is a one trailhead hiking trail, so you're looking at an in and out walk. At parts of the year this region sees very little rain, so do check for current fire restrictions before you go if you plan to bring a stove or make a camp fire. With its 3.2 miles of walking distance it's shorter than many great outdoors hiking trails. You spend the whole trek in roughly the same elevation zone which means the conditions are about the same from start to finish. This is not a very long wilderness hiking trail but it's always great to bring some emergency supplies, you never know what could happen. You should count on this backcountry hike taking about 3 hours, but of course some people walk a bit slower and some a bit faster. The total elevation difference for Graham Trail is 1,422 feet, and that is about average.

Total in and out hiking length = 3.2 miles

Total climbing distance = 1.4 miles

Difficulty : Medium

Casual Hiking Pace: 3 hours

Fast Hiking Pace: 2 hours

Total elevation difference: 1422 feet
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